Thank you for visiting our Distillery’s website and the JWRD Whiskey Alliance page.

We’ve named our ambassadors club the JWRD “Whiskey Alliance.” We invite all Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Rye lovers, enthusiasts and connoisseurs to join us in our alliance as we pursue our efforts to build a sustainable distillery to produce World Class Bourbon and Rye whiskeys. Once the distillery is operating we wish to engage our JWRDWA members into offering their ideas and opinions on the style of whiskeys, limited edition bottlings, private barrel selections…they would like to see produced at the J. W. Rutledge Distillery. This will be done similar to the original poll posted on our website for all website visitors to choose the first mashbill to be produced by the JWRD. In the future, these polls will be limited to the JWRDWA members.

Along the pathway to building our distillery, and ultimately with the commencement of Bourbon and Rye production, JWRDWA members will receive quarterly update letters regarding the distillery construction status, and other pertinent news, from our Master Distiller and/or other Management Team Members. Once the distillery is operational the quarterly letters to members will continue relative to distillery operations, marketing and sales efforts, special bottle renderings and any other distillery news.

There will be annual events held on the picturesque JWR Distillery grounds for WA members. WA members will also be given pre-notifications of special Bourbon and/or Rye limited edition releases and an opportunity to purchase these renderings at the distillery prior to official releases.

When signing up on our Contact page, future members will be asked for their email address, home addresses, and birthdays – so we can send birthday cards, Holiday messages…to our WA members’ and thank them for their loyal support.

If you wish to join the JWRD “Whiskey Alliance” please visit our Contact page and send us a note.

Thank you for your support!


Jim Rutledge

Master Distiller and Managing Member

J. W. Rutledge Distillery LLC